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What? You want to meet me?!

A show of virtual hands (or likes) here, how many of you have been to an interview set up by a recruiter to find it was miles away from what you envisaged/looking for?   I’m going to hazard a guess quite a few – there are endless blogs and articles out there of how a…

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How to quit your recruitment job smoothly

Don’t listen to your friends who work outside of Recruitment, it is a tough job and making a move to a new company is a massive decision, not least because you will have to prove yourself all over again. Moving companies is also a big statement to your current clients and candidates by making it clear…

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The Challenges in the Rec2Rec Market

I’m not one to moan but…..recruitment to recruitment is a tough sector to crack, it is a market saturated with SME’s and one man bands competing against each other in a very tight and candidate lead market. Contrary to this fact, competition for candidates isn’t the main challenge in the market, in fact the main…

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How to define your career

If you look up ‘career’ in a dictionary, it will say “an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.” Sounds important, doesn’t it? Well it is. If you work 40 hours a week, for the next 50 years – taking annual holiday into account – that’s close…

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Image Vs Reality

Moving back to London after living in the Alps in Switzerland for 5 months was a tough and maybe to some people a crazy decision. However I decided to pursue a career in Recruitment because I wanted to be part of an industry that generates over £28 billion per year, and now I am. Working…

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