Image Vs Reality

Moving back to London after living in the Alps in Switzerland for 5 months was a tough and maybe to some people a crazy decision. However I decided to pursue a career in Recruitment because I wanted to be part of an industry that generates over £28 billion per year, and now I am. Working in the city has always been a dream of mine finding the right career in the city was a different story. Recruitment lives up to all the expectations I have had since I was little about the career I wanted to pursue.

Whilst at school all I wanted to do was leave and work in a professional environment. To paint a picture of the image I had in my head, I saw myself walking around the city dressed well on a very important call, running into the office with a Starbucks. This is a very generic view of what the life in the city is like, for me recruitment has allowed me to encompass this image and even better to have a great social life with work colleagues and look forwards to reaching my targets such as Michelin star dinners or trips abroad.

Now in my day to day working life I am able to relive that image I had of what my life would be like and what sort of role I wanted to achieve. Of course there are lots of roles which encompass the same image however there aren’t any other roles that are as rewarding with such fast progression so I’m able to achieve goals such as paying off my student loan, moving out and buying that new outfit I “need” for Friday night!

If you find yourself in a similar situation to me or if this lifestyle choice appeals to you then get in contact with me 0203 440 3563 I would love to hear your story and change the image you have of yourself into a reality. We at Vine Graduate are a leading recruitment company working with award winning companies who employ people from those dressed in pinstripe suits to those who prefer using a mac and wearing beats.

Posted on June 3, 2015 in Blog

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