What? You want to meet me?!

A show of virtual hands (or likes) here, how many of you have been to an interview set up by a recruiter to find it was miles away from what you envisaged/looking for?


I’m going to hazard a guess quite a few – there are endless blogs and articles out there of how a small minority of Recruiters give the rest of the staffing industry a bad name; however I feel that candidates can be as much to blame for these situations as the recruiters, ridiculous? Bear with me.


I focus on placing both experienced recruiters and entry level candidates back into the Recruitment industry and meet all candidates and clients that I represent, it’s essential to in this market. In any chat I have with candidates and clients alike when looking for a new opportunity/new addition to their team, one thing is 100% going to be mentioned, alongside salaries and responsibility, is culture fit. Yes that one thing that is the hardest to explain without all the normal clichés of ‘lively, buzzing, inclusive, collaborative environments’, yet we all know the type of surroundings/individual we are each looking for.


So it’s surprising that when speaking to an experienced recruiter, as much as they are desperate to get out of their current role because the culture isn’t right, they are no longer making commission, they aren’t seeing the progression they are expecting, that they have more excuses than the Mourinho of late for why they can’t meet you. Worst to see, is those recruiters who understand the value of a Rec to Rec, however from previous horror experiences where no meeting took place and they were arranged interviews with fingers crossed that both candidate and client like each other. Of course, 9 times out of 10, they didn’t and feel it would be more effective for them to contact businesses themselves – which ultimately, unless you know the businesses you are certain you want to work for, is no different to the ‘scatter gun’ approach of hoping the environment of those you’re interviewing at is right.

There are plenty of Rec to Recs out there who I know operate in a strictly no meeting candidate philosophy, for me it’s strictly got to meet the candidate. Unbelievably, I’ve known people personally who have been contacted by a Rec to Rec, then be called back to confirm interviews with no mention of businesses or given consent to represent in previous chat. Even more unbelievable, they offered no advice or market knowledge, said friend came to me for all of this throughout the process and even during the offer stage, so I effectively placed her just not via Vine. If you’re that Rec to Rec, yes, you still owe me a beer.


If you haven’t done recruitment yourself, it is impossible to understand where a candidate will best fit purely from a phone call – you could be certain someone sounds like the perfect match at company one, meet them and they would be like chalk and cheese.


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Posted on December 8, 2015 in Blog

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